Thomas Legal Group

"The addition of new equity partners into the business required complex negotiations following exit from their previous firm, the resultant goodwill purchase and the sensitive..."

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Woodward & Co

"Philip Dancey brought his business to Davies Mayers Barnett in 2008. Following our appointment a number of key business issues came to light."

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Peter Strickland

"Davies Mayers Barnett has been with Peter through all these transactions, helping him structure and plot his way through the changing tax landscape of the past 15 years..."

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Peter Lingham

"Tim and Claire have been trusted advisors of mine for many years and having been involved with a number of businesses at various stages..."

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Paul de la Pena

"Over the years, Davies Mayers Barnett has provided Paul with a full range of financial and tax advisory services..."

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Bottle Green Logo

Bottle Green Drinks

"Tim has not only been our accountant, he's acted as a sounding board and been instrumental in helping with the development of the business."

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Cam Systems Logo

Ebley Tyre Services & Cam Systems

"I really value their judgement. They are always there when you need them and incredibly quick to respond."

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Leeways Logo

Leeways Packaging

"The relationship we have with Davies Mayers Barnett is not only one of a business relationship but also one of friendship."

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Qualtronyc Logo

The Qualtronyc Group

"Tim and his team have now become an integral part of our strategic planning processes."

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Quick Move Logo

Quickmove Properties

"We have grown together and developed a very close working relationship which has helped us grow very quickly."

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